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Hinges and fittings

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Did you know that we also install hinges and fittings - on all types of mirrors and mirrored doors?

And that we are the first in the industry to be TÜV-certified in this area? Even if you have installation testing requirements that go beyond the standard, we can do that too.

When you let us produce your mirrors and mirrored doors, you should also consider the installation of hinges and fittings.

The majority of our customers already do, and for good reason. Durability and a superior, beautiful finish on installation are key focal points here at Gern.


Talk to one of our experts in hinges, fittings and assembly

we will create the optimal solution for your products

Benny Berwald Pedersen
Area Sales Manager
+45 61 10 63 32
Martin Høgh Nielsen
Factory manager
+45 22 10 66 78
Hans Christiansen
Proprietor / CEO
+45 81 82 68 00