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Specialists in mirrors and surfaces


Let us pack, label and deliver

Now that we have produced mirrors or ceramic products for you – based on your own design – shouldn't we also pack your goods? And package them – with your own labels, barcodes and company logo? That way you avoid unnecessary costs. And save time and effort.

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Targeted to your end customers' needs and requirements

Trim your business to the max when you entrust us with logistics, packaging, labeling, warehousing and delivery. Always precisely tailored to your business – and targeted to match your end-customers' wishes and requirements.


No need to deal with packaging

Gern already handles lots of products for resale for our customers on a daily basis. Let us help you with that part too - and avoid handling it yourself. Or having to involve a third party. You'll also free up internal resources for procurement and capacity planning.

Talk to us about your specific requirements in relation to your market and customers. We will create an individual and optimal packaging, delivery and/or logistics solution for you.