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Customer case study


Successful collaboration sometimes begins unexpectedly...

IMAGINE if you suddenly found yourself short of 30,000 mirrored doors for customers due to unexpected circumstances.
This is what Lead Buyer Kim Lahnen from Nobia says - and elaborates:

"This unexpected situation arose for us that required delivery not only in Denmark, but also to Norway and Sweden."

Building on existing good cooperation

Nobia and Gern already know each other well.

Over the past 18-19 years, we have worked closely together on numerous bespoke and successful glass and mirror projects.

So when Nobia reached out with this urgent project, we immediately agreed to help:

"Of course, such a large project is good business for them, but it's also a huge help for us. And even though we are in an emergency situation, Gern is not using it to their advantage. They could raise the price in this extraordinary situation. But they don't. That says a lot about the decency we always encounter at Gern."

Kim goes on to say that he also - based on his years of experience - felt most comfortable going to Gern with the unexpected urgent task.

The quality and safety of our products are among the characteristics he highlights here. And not least the chemistry of our collaboration: Throughout project after project, mutual respect and a good personal relationship and understanding have played a crucial role. Both sides of the collaboration approach every project with the desire to find the optimal solution. And we succeed every time.

Personal safety above all: What Gern understands

KIM LAHNEN from Nobia gives an overview of the process:

"When we were faced with the urgency of the 30,000 mirrored doors, both we and Gern quickly understood what was needed:

You chose to have some test mirror doors manufactured by various suppliers, including Gern, for this delivery. These were thoroughly tested, both internally and externally. A major German testing institute, which also works for the automotive industry, found that Gern's mirrors were the best in the test: they met all requirements and specifications and were consistent throughout production."

Without compromising on agreed orders with other customers, we managed to reach a positive mutual agreement to produce 1,550 mirrors per week for Nobia for a period of time, so that they could receive this order as soon as possible.

Our joint collaboration along the way has also been smooth - despite the fact that this type of work is always subject to constant change as the case evolves:

"One moment it was all supposed to be bulk, the next single-pack. But Gern never got annoyed that things changed from one moment to the next. They had full respect and understanding for that. No hard feelings.

Another huge advantage of Gern is that they are always quick to make and implement decisions. There is not much waiting time. Delivery time and reliability are top notch. I never need to follow up with them to reorder an order. Agreements I make with Gern are kept," concludes Lead Buyer Kim Lahnen.

Many thanks to Nobia - for the trust and the always positive cooperation.


April 19, 2023