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Quality assurance

Quality assurance becomes personal with us

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You might be surprised.

Because when you visit Gern, you will probably first notice our many new, big machines. But when it comes to quality assurance, most of it is done manually – between the hands of our employees. And in front of their trained, critical eyes. For the same reason, we also install all hinges and fittings manually.

In fact, quality control has become a natural part of our daily work. Every morning, we test and measure everything we produce – especially related to sandblasting, fittings and adhesives.

The glue also hardens for at least three days before we send the product out of the house. For you, this means that you are further protected against errors and inaccuracies in the overall product.

We even keep glue samples from each individual order for at least two years. So should you have any questions about the glue in a particular production batch, we will find and retest it for you – even years later.

At the same time, we take samples from each package. Only very rarely do we find errors or discrepancies. But if we do, we discard the whole package – and check the other packages.

The result of all the effort?

You can almost only see our complaint rate under a microscope: 0.3 percent. At the same time, we maintain a delivery reliability of 98%. Even during global crises.


Security of supply


Years of experience


Complaints rate


TÜV certification guarantees you quality

As our partner and customer, you'll have the added reassurance of knowing that Gern is the first company in the industry to achieve TÜV certification for every double mirrored door we produce.

This means we meet the highest quality requirements for materials and production methods.

However, the certificate doesn't mean we will just rest on our laurels: From the moment we start production every morning until the last employee closes in the evening, we are constantly working hard to improve quality one more notch. And one more.


Specialists in any mirror solution

Only when you are completely satisfied have we reached our goal


Double-mirrored doors

We take pride in combining function, design and price – so you get a valuable result every time.


Production is customised
according to your needs

In addition, always expect high delivery reliability, consistently high quality and flexibility to adapt production to meet your needs.


Support and advice
all the way

Sparring and advice is also a natural part of the collaboration; so you get the optimal mirror solution regardless of your current wishes.