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Customer case study

Fackelmann has full confidence in Gern Mirror – even in times of crisis

THE GERMAN company Fackelmann is a leading business customer and partner of Gern Mirror. Purchasing Manager Nina Kutynia from Fackelmann explains:

"The most important thing for us is the quality of the mirrors. We are very excited about the cooperation with Gern Mirror because the high quality of the mirrors helps us to increase the satisfaction of our own customers every day."

Even during the difficult times of the pandemic in early 2020 – when many companies faced challenges with supplies and raw materials – Gern Mirror managed to deliver on time.

Nina saw it this way:

"Gern Mirror never disappoints. The last three years have been very challenging for us, but we have managed to maintain all deliveries on time, partly due to the cooperation with Gern Mirror."

Cooperation based on mutual understanding, good dialog and high credibility

ONE OF THE KEY ELEMENTS of the cooperation between Fackelmann and Gern Mirror is mutual understanding.

Nina explains:

"Good cooperation and mutual understanding play a crucial role for us. In this respect, knowledge sharing and the continuous exchange of information are of the utmost importance to us. Here, too, Gern Mirror has proven to be an accommodating business partner with due diligence."

The cooperation between our two companies is characterised by open communication and mutual understanding of each other's needs. Over time, our cooperation has only gotten better and better.

Fackelmann gives Gern Mirror top marks when it comes to product quality, delivery and supply reliability, flexibility and credibility. And they emphasize that the good dialogue - and the fact that we are always easy to reach - is highly appreciated by the company.

Nina Kutynia from Fackelmann concludes:

"Gern Mirror is a business partner we trust completely and can always count on, even in times of crisis or when we are faced with an urgent task."

Big thanks to Fackelmann: the enthusiasm and trust is 100 percent reciprocated.

April 21, 2023